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April 6th, 2013

Just trying out widgets =)

Winners of my Contest Many Petals

February 17th, 2013

Winners of my Contest  Many Petals

One of the Perks of this website, is the ability to host a contest.

To date I have put on five I believe..... And this one has turned out to be one of my favorites.
I just love flowers... The simplicity, the colors, the softness, and the drama.... there's a never ending
supply... In the wild, in the yard, an in the garden...

This blog is dedicated to the three winning entries... I hope you enjoy their stories, as much as their
beautiful flowers.

Sell Art OnlineArt PrintsArt Prints

I put together a few questions for the three winning entries....

First and third place winner, Sweet Moments Photography.

1). How did you get started with your photography?

2). When did you discover you had a flair or liking for Art, and Photography?

3). What words of wisdom would you like to pass on to up an coming photographers?

4). What can you tell us about your winning Entries?

-I got started with photography when I was 14 years old after my dad gave me my first camera. (24 yrs ago)
-I begun my first drawings/paintings at age 3 and continued with art from there all the way to University, art was always a part of me and always my favourite subject. I was the only artist in my family. I spent my teenage years in my room drawing and painting, I also played the piano. At 14 I begun to discover photography and became quickly attached to it, I would take photographs of all the children in my family, I would take photos of scenaries, trees, old buildings. It wasn't until my last year of university (age 24) that I took a photography course (painting was my main focus then) and grew more interested in it, I would spent so much time in the dark room and also would go out to photograph trees especially, churches, family and even tulips. I then spent the next 4 years photographing my little niece who lived with us.
It wasn't until I was 28 the year I got married, that my fascination with flowers really begun. My husband made a rose garden, he also planted irises and tulips, this is when I became deeply in love with roses and flowers and when my journey begun in photographing these. (10 years ago to be exact) Photography then wasn't only a hobby anymore, it became a real passion. At age 32 when I was pregnant of my daughter I had a very complicated pregnancy and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. When I had my daughter my husband bought a computer and this is when I begun photo editing/digital photography. My baby and photography were my main support for my illness and continues to be. Now in days my children are my inspiration, along with flowers, nature, animals, love and faith. In my daily struggle with Depression, I find that photography/art help me to feel better.
-A few words of wisdom: 'determination, hard work and perseverance' are the key to success, 'never give up your dreams', and last 'follow your heart'.
-My winning entry 'Light of Faith' (yellow Dahlia) I only begun photographing Dahlias last summer (about 6 months ago) there's many in my neighbourhood, I find them intriguing and so beautiful. With 'Light of Faith' I was inspired by religion as per the quote I used. Almost 2 years ago my father underwent an emergency surgery to remove his prostate, he almost died of cancer and since then my life took a turn and I became closer to God and have been going to church almost every weekend since. My faith is much stronger and a very important part of me, as you may see in many of my photographs.

Thank You Kathy

Our second place entry...

1). How did you get started with your photography?

2). When did you discover you had a flair or liking for Art, and Photography?

3). What words of wisdom would you like to pass on to up an coming photographers?

4). What can you tell us about your winning Entries?

My Next Adventure

October 20th, 2012

My Next Adventure

I'm currently working on a couple programs... My"Laacy Couture" & "Save the World" lines of products in my Zazzle Store called "Laacys",
are donating 10% of all profits to two Causes I feel are Important....
Laacy Couture donations will be donated to programs that teach children and parents about Human Trafficking, and what they can do to prevent it.
and Save the World donations will be donated to programs that teach Greener Living... starting with the foods you eat to how you live.

As I get further along I will be providing some links and more Information on the programs.

Have a Fantastic Day! =)

Got Printed YAY

October 10th, 2012

Got Printed  YAY

I am so Excited!!! I just got an Email from the Capture Clark County Book Contest, that I entered many pictures in, that said this.....

Congratulations! You've been awarded the Published Photographer in the Capture Clark County book award! Enjoy it!

Awarded to photographers who have at least one photo published in the Capture Clark County book. From 28,299 photo submissions, 921,459 votes, 112,700 loves and 78,435 comments, these are the photographers chosen for publication by users and our editors.

Clipart of a blue and white picture of a flower shaped, ribboned award with a blank area to write in, Click here to get more Free Clipart at

The website for it shows that there will be 160 pictures in the book.... so out of 28,299 pictures, I have at least one of the 160.... I Am Stoked!!!

This is the first ever, work that I've done, to be published in a book. They are keeping which photo(s) a secret, so I wont know until it is off the press... but that's okay... I can wait, I will receive my book sometime in November, and man I am so glad that I had already ordered it! I wanted to be supportive of the project, but now that I know that I'm in it, makes owning it, so much more exciting!

I will be back when I find out which picture it is, and post it on here =)

Thank You for coming by and checking this out.... I would love to hear about your first time published or sold.... how did it happen for you?

Have A Fantastic Day!!!


Winner of my first contest All About Horses

June 19th, 2012

Good Morning!... or Afternoon.... or Evening... or I should say....Greetings around the World! =)

To my amazement, my very first contest on here went better than I could have ever hoped for! I want to personally Thank Each and Every One of you for your participation of Beautiful Entries, and all your time that you invested in voting.

This blog is Dedicated to Melita Safran, The Winner of the "All About Horses" Contest. Congrats! =)
As I promised, I have done an Interview with Melita, via email letters... and I think it has turned out Exceptional! I hope that each of you can take a moment to read through this interview and acknowledge Melita, and her Beautiful Entries.

Hi Kathy!
I'm sorry that you have to wait so long for my answers. I'm not so good with English so it takes me some time. Thank you so much for your efforts! Your promotion of my work will surely worthwhile.
Here are the answers:

Tell me a little bit about where you were born and raised.... your influences ...

I was born in Zagreb, the most beautiful city in the world! For those who don't know, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. When I was 5 years old I started to learn how to hold my first violin and started to play my first notes. My mother played the piano and father played the viola so I immediate fell in love with classical music. With much effort I finished Music Academy in Zagreb and became an academic musician, a violinist and a violin teacher. Now I work as a concert master in the City theater and part-time play in the Symphony orchestra and the Vara�din Chamber Orchestra.

At what age did you discover that you had a knack for drawing/ painting?

I remember my school notebooks, always filled with sketches of horses. I think I was born to love horses and I don't know if I started drawing horses because of love for them or for the love of drawing. I just loved to see the finished drawing of these magnificent creatures.

Did anyone encourage or mentor your passion for your drawings/ paintings?

Here I must say that my grandfather Antun Mezdjic (1907 - 1981) was an Academic painter and the professor on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. I was very small when he died so I couldn't learn anything about painting from him and I'm so sorry about it.

Which do you prefer? drawing or painting? and why?

It's easier for me to draw because of so much practice, but I tried painting with watercolors and it's completely different. The challenge is discover new techniques by yourself, but the path to success is much longer. In the same way I discovered a magical world of make-up drawing and immediately I was in love with it.

Did you ever enter any contests with your work as a child or young adult (before FAA) and what was the result?

No, I participated in two competitions in the FAA and this was the second one.

When did you discover FAA, and describe a bit about your journey as an FAA Member...

I accidentally discovered the FAA seeking for make-up paintings on internet. I am a member almost a month. I read a lot about how to be active and how to promote my art. I am a member of several groups and participate in competitions. For now I win another competition "First and Last Favorite Image" with two make-up paintings Forever and Volcano keeper

Have you been successful in selling through FAA? and if so, could you describe the experience....

I sold a postcard "Dancing Pace" nine days after joining the FAA! I couldn't believe, I was so happy... This was the motivation to learn more about tags, galleries, why you should have written a biography ... Now I know it's really possible to sell prints but should have a little luck, that someone noticed you among so many great artists. I am still waiting to sell my first print!

Have you shown your Art in any Galleries, Art Shows, Fairs, etc.... If so, what was the feedback from the public?

No I haven't but I intend to make an exhibition of pictures with makeup (when I draw a few more).

Do you consider your Art to be a Passion, or a Hobby.... or both and why?

It's not a Passion, I know what passion is, it's something I feel about horses! But I can say that it's more than a Hobby, I like the concentration, I love when I draw the lines, the colors... You never know how it will eventually look like and I adore the feeling when I finished - I am filled with warmth positive energy and feel happiness for days!

Tell me about the winning entry, who or what inspired the piece and what media did you use to create it?

Dancing pace ...
A friend of mine wanted to draw him a galloping horse so he can put it on the wall of his office. He asked me to draw with a pencil because he liked my style he saw on the other pictures. He is a veterinarian and I'm glad that all visitors can see my art almost every day.

Your second place and third place entries were inspired by? and what media did you use to create them?

Morning game ...
I wanted to try something different. I wanted color pencils but light lines which is difficult for me. I always end with to much details. I sold the original to one man who after that showed me his horse. This horse was identical to that on the drawing!

Forever ...
Forever is something special. The art is made by women's makeup. First I had to see which colors are available to me and then I started a journey. I used lipsticks, eye shadows and makeup pencils.

In your own words, how would you describe your experience with the 'All About Horses' Contest...
(maybe, the way it was ran, content of contest, the voting, the relationship between the Administrator and Contestants)

This was my second contest on FAA. I entered with 5 arts and I didn't hope that I could win. At first I thought that it's not a public vote and when I realized that I can ask my Facebook friends for help, I start hoping. It was not an easy race but like you said the most "Exciting Race for the Finish Line". I really like all your letters to participants especially one before declaring a winner. I'm looking forward to our new group All about horses and I'm sure that will be interesting to participate in discussions, promotes and another contests.

Do you have any up-coming events you want to tell us about?

I hope to make my first painting exhibition maybe till end of the year or next year but I want to have series of paintings with makeup which I'll call "Ladies". (I'll have to start painting ladies instead of horses).

Any final words you might want to pass on to your fellow FAA Artists and Fan Club?(friends) =)

First I have to say that I'm so glad that I found FAA! We are all like a big family. I must thank all for so many good comments, votes, favs, watchers... I'm still new on FAA so I hope to develop a true friendships through watch lists and discussions. My motto for this website: Let us promote each other!

Melita Safran

Thank You So Much Melita!
This has been such a Great Experience for me, and I hope to all who participated!

God Bless!

Legal.... or Not?

May 23rd, 2012

Legal.... or Not?

I was going through shoes on Ebay one day, and I saw so many that were just darn cute that I just had to Click, copy, save to file, and ......
Well, it was all innocent, just filed away for me to remember what I had seen. Several days later I shared several pictures with my daughter in an
email. Did I steal it? Since it was an advertisement per-say, did I have the right to copy, save and share...? Maybe, Maybe Not

Since then I have taken up an Interest in Photography and Art. As I loaded my photo's up on my website, I began to wonder... what if someone copies it, what if they print it out, frame it, maybe even sell it.... Funny how it became a concern of mine when it was MY pictures that were the subject of possible theft, when it was My Own possible loss.

The photo I chose to use is of a statue in a public place. So far as I know... there were no limitations on what you could take pictures of at the Sea Lion Caves, Oregon Coast. Did I know anything about copy rights when I took this? No. I just took it to remember our trip down the Oregon Coast.

What I'm leading up to is ... Do you know your rights? Or/And The rights of owner, of the subject you've just captured?

I came across a web page that had some really good information, and I just felt really compelled to share it with you.
here's the link,
and for those who can't just pull it up to view, I'm going to copy and paste.

I hope you find this information helpful, please pass it along to other newbies like myself so they know...
Have a Fantastic Day!

Know Your Rights: Photography in Public
know your rights
By Thorin Klosowski
May 22, 2012 6:30 AM
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Know Your Rights: Photography in Public

Nearly every modern phone has a camera attached to it and subsequently more and more people are taking photos in public places than ever before. The shot might be as simple as snapping a picture of a parade or as tricky as recording video of a riot. Regardless of the reasons, the rules for photographing in public places are the same.

For the most part, your right to take photographs and video in public places in the United States is protected under the First Amendment under free speech. This includes snapping pictures of your favorite monument when you're on vacation or taking part in a little citizen journalism. It's not as cut and dried as you may think and it's good to know your rights and the caveats that come with them.
The General Rule: If You Can See It You Can Shoot It

Full size
Your basic right is actually pretty simple: if you're in a public place and you can see it, you can shoot it. This means as long as you're in a public location you can legally take almost any picture. However, if you're using a telephoto lens, parabolic microphone, or hidden camera to get a shot of a private property when you're standing on public property you might have an issue if someone on that property has an expectation of privacy. So, what constitutes a public place? Most places are obvious, a park, a street, a soccer field—these are unquestionably legal places to take pictures of anything happening. But what about all those Instagram photos of food you've taken inside a business? That's a little different.

Generally if a private property is open to the public (like a restaurant, retail store, tourist areas, etc) you are allowed to take photographs and video unless it is expressly posted somewhere on the premise that you can't. In most cases it's okay to assume you're allowed to take pictures and video in a shop that doesn't expressly forbid it. However, if a property owner (or store employee) tells you to stop, you have to stop. More importantly, use good judgement and assess the situation and environment before snapping pictures.

This also goes for citizen journalism. If you see an accident you want to record, public servant misconduct, or even TSA checkpoints, you can do so as long as you're not interfering with police or medical operations. As far as the Department of Justice is concerned you're also allowed to shoot video or still shots of police officers provided they're on public land. Videotaping police officers is still a tricky situation without a concrete ruling, but the courts have leaned toward protecting your right to film officers. Photo by Christopher.
Where and When You Get Into Trouble

Full size
As with most laws you'll find some exceptions to the rules. Photographing on any clearly marked private property is considered trespassing. As for public government property you're mostly okay, however you cannot take photos of most military bases or inside most courthouses. A few other big caveats exist as well.

Just because some places are public doesn't make them legal for photography. For instance, a bathroom is a public place, but people have an expectation of privacy in the bathroom, so photos are typically not a good idea. This is also the case with anywhere else people might expect privacy, including inside places like AA meetings or doctor's offices.

The same goes for photos of people in a private space where they have an expectation of privacy, even if you're on public property. So, if you can see in your neighbor's window from the sidewalk while they're showering, you can't take that picture, even though you're on public property (and you might want to tell your neighbor to close their curtains). The general rule is basically if you didn't want someone covertly taking a picture of you in a semi-private place, it's probably not a good idea to take your own picture. These rules may vary from state to state, so check local laws before you're labeled a "peeping tom." If you do get caught taking a photo you shouldn't or if you're accused of taking taking an illegal picture when you're in the clear your response should be about the same. Photo by Julian Stallabrass.
What To Do If Someone Says You're Trespassing

Full size
First up, the easy answer when you're accused of trespassing: if you walk onto clearly marked private property without permission you're trespassing and you should stop taking pictures and leave. If an employee or security guard tells you to stop taking pictures because you're on private property, stop taking pictures. Things get tricky here, if no signs are posted saying you can't take photos but it's a public area, you're technically allowed, but it's up to you if it's worth the trouble to haggle over the details with a security guard. You likely have the right, but if you're questioned directly you should seek legal counsel.

Regardless of whether you're in the right or wrong, no one is allowed to take your camera away from you in a public place. Even if you're trespassing, the property owner and the police cannot have your camera (or film or SD card) without a court order. Which brings us to the last caveat, publishing or uploading photos online. Photo by Dru Bloomfield.
Pay Attention to Where and What You Upload Online

Know Your Rights: Photography in PublicYour rights for taking photographs don't stop when the picture is snapped. If you place those photos online or sell them the situation changes. While you have the right to take pictures almost anywhere, publishing certain photos might get you in trouble in civil courts. Thankfully, the distinction is pretty clear.

You can't use someone's likeness for commercial purposes without their express permission. This means you can't take a picture in a public place with recognizable faces and then sell it to Coca-Cola or a stock photo company (you can, however sell them to news organizations or use them for art). The same goes for many famous landmarks and some National Parks. You can freely shoot the photos, but selling them for commercial purposes may require a permit or additional fee.

You also can't publish a photo that paints a person in a false light. For instance, if you took a picture of me fake-punching Stephen Hawking with the caption: "Taken moments before Thorin punched Stephen Hawking in the face," I would probably want to take you to civil court (assuming I didn't actually punch Stephen Hawking).

Finally, you can't publish a photo that gives away private information about someone. This includes photos like the aforementioned AA meeting or doctor's office along with any other situation where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The last concern you should have is your own rights when you publish photos online. Some popular web services like Instagram require you to grant usage permission to Instagram when you upload pictures. This doesn't mean they get ownership of your photos, but it does mean they can use them any way they like. Other services, like Flickr, allow you to set who can and can't use your photographs. If you don't want to sell or make public any of these pictures make sure you're using a service that leaves all the rights in your hands and be sure to check out Creative Commons for an easy way to license your photos.

In general, the mantra of "If you can see it you can shoot it" will keep you safe from legal prosecution in the United States, but not all countries and states are the same so check out local laws before shooting. Finally, if you feel your rights are violated, seek professional legal advice. You can also print out attorney Bert P. Krages pocket-sized pamphlet so you always have a list of your rights handy.

Disclaimer: the above isn't meant as professional legal counsel and is meant to help you familiarize yourself with the basics of the laws of photography in public. If you're unsure whether you are on public or private property your best bet is check before you snap photos. If you're concerned about a specific case or situation you should contact a lawyer.

Modified Art

May 16th, 2012

Modified Art

Who among us does not mess with our photo's ...
even just a little bit. Lighting, shadows, crop.... we all use these options because their handy. We down load our days work onto our computer and as soon as they are ready to view, we click.

It's nothing like the old days, sad to say, 20 yrs ago when we had to wait sometimes up to a week to see our fine days work... We would buy the film, put it in the camera, take a shot, wind it for the next one, and take another.... After filling our 24 exposes, we would take it to town to process. After carefully filling out the envelope, we would put in the film cartridge, lick it and drop it in the slot. I remember the excitement of opening the envelope full of prints. Sometimes I had check the box for double prints, so I could share the extra's with family or friends.... Most of the time I wouldn't even make it out of the store, I would rip it open and pull out the stack of prints, and with a huge smile of anticipation, and start shuffling through the stack. It would usually be a matter of only moments before the disappointment would set in. This one is a little blurry, that one is double exposed.... the possibility of paying 20 bucks for 10 or 12 really good shots was my usual end game.

As camera's evolved, so did we. My point and shoot Polaroid instant camera became the life of the party... and man was that fun! I didn't have to wait anymore for my envelope of mishaps. When the digital camera's came out, life as we knew it took a complete turn. Of all modern inventions, this has become my favorite. You can take pictures all day and the next, and literally months on the same little disk, or micro chip.... I have had over 1800 pictures on one... to me, that is just Crazy! Can you imagine the cost of developing all that film? It makes paying 7-800 for a camera that much less stressful when you know you can just delete and retake... Who could ask for more? It is so much easier to store a couple little chips that combine together have over 3000 photos. Do you realize how many photo albums that would be? lol
Thank God for Modern Electronics!

Now, with a Nikon Digital D60, I am off and running! This is where Modified Art comes into the picture. I have this built in drive to play with pictures. I guess it's from all these years of seeing really cool graphic art and always wondering how on earth do they do that? Once I found a program where I could manipulate my own photo's... I was hooked. I have more fun taking pictures that don't really have allot of pizazz and giving them some... or allot! lol =)

Modified Art is a trend that has circled the planet. It has brought out the Mini Artists in many people that want so badly to be creative but just can't paint, or draw, or take photo's of professional quality...... Now they can take a simple photo and create something eye catching, and unique to them... something with equal the Impact of a famous painting, or the pictures we see in the National Geographic. The computer age has unleashed creativity of unequaled proportions, and yes, I am among them.

I say that Art is in the eye of the beholder. If you are going through pages and pages of photo's, and don't see anything that triggers that excitement in you, then take a look at Digital, or Modified Art. You will not be disappointed.

Thank You for taking time to read my blog. And please, if you have anything to add, or want to share, please do. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Have a Fantastic Day!


Capture Clark County Contest

May 4th, 2012

Capture Clark County Contest

Along with Fine Art America,

I'm involved in a North West Photo Contest for a Book that is going to be published later this year. I have made many new
Friends that I hope will stay in touch long after this project is over. My interest in photography has become a
very time consuming passion. Instead of being on my computer for hours playing farmville, I spend hours going through
my photos looking for ones that I think are nice enough, or cool enough, or unique enough to be on any website.
I have many photo's that are Modified for extreme impact, or geared for a more fanciful, or dramatic appearance.
I love Abstract Art when you can definitely see what it is, it's just changed up for the WoW Factor! I am self taught, and
hopefully improving my abilities as I go.... so, I move on from one style to the next as I discover them.

Most of the photo's for the CCC Contest can be purchased as well as the ones on FAA, so if you see anything you like
that is not uploaded onto my website here yet, just feel free to write me and ask about it.

Thank you for Looking =)